Where is xbee3 output for analog sensor on XCTU serial console?

Transmitter is an xbee3 on a shield and redboard.
Receiver is an xbee3 on an explorer.
Analog pressure sensor is connected to +5v, gnd, and analog input 0 on shield.
With a voltmeter, baseline sensor output is .18v.
Using XCTU serial console, output is 1.09v from the following commands:
Is 03A1 the output for analog 0?
03A1 is 929 bits or 929*(1.2/1023) = 1.09v?
What is wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.

The analog inputs of the XBee 3 are not 5V. They are either 1.25 or 2.5V based off of the AV command. That means that your sensor needs to be either 1.25 or 2.5V output or the proper level shifters.

The sensor output is 0 to 5v but my application only uses 0 to 1v. Does that make a difference?

Yes it does. The sensor is still 0 - 5V. So you must use a level shifter to connect its analog 0 - 5V output to the XBee modules ADC line as it is still only going to support a 0 - 1.25 or 0 - 2.5V.