XBee temperature sensor problem

I would like to know how to read correctly data from XBee analog input (AD0) where I have and LM35.

I show the results in a GLCD but they are wrong. I think I am not reading correctly the data.

This is the loop code:

void loop()
if (Serial.available() >= 21)
if (Serial.read() == 0x7E)
for (int i = 0; i<18; i++)
byte discard = Serial.read();
// Copy analog samples
int analogHigh = Serial.read();
int analogLow = Serial.read();
int analogValue = analogLow + (analogHigh256);
temp = (analogValue
temp = temp/10;
GLCD.print("C = ");
}// if start
}// if available

Thank you in advance

You need to use a level shifter between the sensor and the XBee modules ADC line as the XBee’s ADC line supports 0 - 1.2V and your sensor supports 4 - 30 V.