How to Read analog data from remote XBee

Hello everyone,

I try to read analog dato from my xbee but i allways get 1023 as a result on every pin ADC i can try (AD1, AD2 or AD3…)

The Xbee connected to my temp sensor is on “End Device” mode.
DIO1 , 2 , 3 and 4 are set to ADC mode.

On my Coordinator Xbee all i get are the same value :
ADC1 : 1023
ADC2 : 1023
ADC3 : 1023
ADC4 : 1023
Even if nothing is connected to those pins…

What’s wrong ?


Hi. The first thing is to check the output voltage of the sensor and that is effectively entering that voltae in the corresponding analog input, you could also check the IR (io sampling rate) parameter that must be greater than zero