ARM9 NS9750 chip

Hi. I have ARM9 NS9750 in a custom board. Is there any chip that is compatible with this board that I can swap in the faster chipset?

Linux kernel 2.6.8 is in use.

not married to the Linux version/toolchain an will do the needful if necessary but trying to avoid:

  1. board redesign
  2. tool chain recompilation and code updates.

What are my options?


There is no way to make NS9750 to run faster if it’s already running at max freqency.
Digi has a wide range of Freescale based modules that RUN Linux from cccwimx28 , ccwmx53, cc6, all of them are much faster but would need a new design.

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What is the latest LxNETES version for the NS9750?

Latest Linux from Digi for ConnectCore 9750 is LxNETES-3.2 from 2005 with some patches from 2006. It was kernel (different from mentioned 2.6.8 above). LxNETES-3.2 is not supported anymore by Digi.