LxNETES for NS9750 MPU

Hi all,

my actual company developed about 7 years ago a NS9750-based board without deploying any software onto the same board. The project has been placed aside and almost forgot until now.
I’ve been asked for taking the board and starting the development of a Linux-based control software. While searching for a Linux kernel distribution deployed by Digi International, I found that Digi developed the LxNETES BSP, but I didn’t found any information about the way I could obtain it. If I’m not wrong, I deduced that the actual only way to obtain it is to buy a ConnectCore 9P development package.
Is there any other way to buy LxNETES or to obtain a Linux kernel distribution which supports for the NS9750 MPU and its hardware drivers?

Thank you very much for the help.

Daniele Romano