ASA and Digi - 2 tunnels

I have two IPSEC tunnels with an ASA in the middle

Site A Calverton (Digi Transport WR44v2 - /24

Site B Formac (AWS)- /24

HQ Data Centre (ASA) - /24 (

Site A - /24 can reach the ASA and Site B successfully

ASA can reach Site A and Site B successfully

Site B can reach ASA but fails to ping Site A

I’ve been running a continuous ping from and see this on the ASA:

4|Feb 28 2019 10:01:53|402116: IPSEC: Received an ESP packet (SPI= 0x41AD96C1, sequence number= 0x17BF) from (user= to The decapsulated inner packet doesn’t match the negotiated policy in the SA. The packet specifies its destination as, its source as, and its protocol as icmp. The SA specifies its local proxy as and its remote_proxy as

I’ve looked this up and it describes the message as a NAT error but nothing specific. Could someone please explain what this error could potentially be caused by?

I’ve attached the Cisco ASA configuration as well as the Digi VPN tunnel configuration below. On the Digi, should I add the remote subnet as HQ or Formac?

Cisco ASA >>>
Digi VPN >>>>
AWS VPN >>>>>

I’m going around in circles at this point so would really appreciate any assistance.

Thanks in advance.


it looks like the link from aws is only setup with the subsets of the ASA local network where you need it to be negotiated to include all like you have on the transport so when the packets come in to the ASA they would be valid network selectors.

i cannot realy help with Cisco . aws settings as i have limited knowledge of them