Assertion "rhs >= 0" failed in file COMPCORE\def.cpp err msg

When trying to do a watch over a variable placed in the stack I get following error msg:

“Error: Internal error. Assertion “rhs >= 0” failed in file “COMPCORE\def.cpp”, line 18”.

I’m using Dynamic C Version 9.50.

It only happens when trying to watch some vars on the stack of a certain function. If I try then to do a watch over another var on another function (at another stack level) I have no problem. I guess it has to do with its position of the stack. Does anybody have a clue?

I’m debugging with “stack tracing enabled” and a Stack trace size of 4096 bytes (maximum).

Does it have any meaning on the actual stack usage - how could I check which level of stack usage have I reached? / which stack usage would be healthy to have in a commercial app?

Thanks and greetings.-

9.62 has the same FAILURE.

Assertion Failure - Pass #3

rhs >= 0

COMPCORE\def.cpp, line 18