Assertion Failure

Hi all:

I�m using Dynamic C 9.62, and compiling for a RCM3229. I have modified files: RS232.LIB, STACK.LIB, MEM.LIB, UCOS2.LIB, DC.HH, RTCLOCK.LIB and STDVDRIVER.LIB.

While compiling, I get a dialog box with the next information:

Assertion Failure � Pass # 1
!occupied (DA_REGISTER_HL)
COMPCORE\Register.cpp, line 264

I�m not sure what this messages means, and I don�t know where to find COMPCORE\Register.cpp

However, my application compiles and it seems to work fine, but I�m a little afraid that I might get some error inadvertently.

I would be very grateful if somebody of you could indicate me what this error means, and even if you have some advise in order to fix it.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards!