Timeout while waiting for Response from Target

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I am working on RCM2300. I am using Dynamic C ver 8.01. while doing compiling , I get error “Timeout while waiting for Response from Target”. I tried with different baud rates as suggested on net, but the result is zero. I also tried with another version of Dynamic C 9.21, but still my problem is not solved. Because of that error ,I can not do debugging of my code. Can any one please help me out ?

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Hello All, Similar problem. I have been using DC8.03 under Win98SE on an RCM2000 for about 2 weeks. All going well and project development going nicely. Today, for the first time, I get this problem. BIOS compiles normally. After compiling program, message appears. " While Debugging – Timeout while waiting for response from target"
Thought problem might be due to increasing code size but total size is only 38K. Have tried reducing baud rate. Have tried compiling smaller programs. Have diconnected battery RAM backup. No success. Tried recompiling with DC7.21 and it seemed to work OK. At the moment I code and bios in RAM (128k) and have not yet tried the #nodebug compiler directive because I still want debugging functions. Any advice much appreciated.

I’ve the same problem after the 2nd-3rd program that I want compile with the module RCM4500 and the latest version of Dynamic C (ver 10.11). The first solution that I find is exit to the program and restart it. I know that is not the better solution but now it’s the one.



What operating system are you using Vista or XP. When i started to work with Rabbit MCU i was using XP and i had no problems, now i have Vista and a lot of problems???

On my XP machine i don’t get these problems, plus now i am playing around

with the Rabbit camera app kit and i have problems too. I will try to pin point

the problems relating to communication between Rabbit and PC and i will

give feedback on the forum. Take care Alain C

Hello All. A bit more information. I am using modules to keep the code in easy to manage groups. The problem first showed up when I added a new module with some structures defined. (there are a total of 64 elements, each containing 3 floats, 1 char and 1 int.) They are referenced using pointers. What confused me was when I removed all reference to the new module from the code, I still got the same error. I then shifted everything over to my notebook using XP Pro. It all worked fine until I added the new module and then the same error returned. So I don’t think it is related to the operating system.
I went back the Win98SE machine and tried again. I realised that although I had removed all calls to the new module from the code, I had not removed it’s name from the LIB.DIR file where libraries must be named. As soon as I deleted the name of the new module from the LIB.DIR, the Win98 machine works again.
I don’t know enough about how DC compiles to explain this. Either the new module is causing a memory problem, to the extent that the debugging code will not run OR, the data structures and pointers I have defined have an error in the definition that is crashing the RCM, even before the code runs.
I will put more info on as I get it. If anyone else can explain this it may save us all a lot of time. Thanks.

I experienced similar problems and have uncovered a partial solution;
This info is assuming the use of the SERIAL programming cable & USB->Serial Adaptor.

  1. I disabled the Options->Project Options->Communications->Enable Processor Verification –
    This allowed the app to compile and download – obviously, be sure you have your processor details correctly identified.

  2. I have noticed that not all USB->Serial adaptors are created equal. I have tried a few generics which failed to operate no matter what I did. I have a unit from Radio Shack which would allow me to program the unit provided I followed step #1 above. BUT, the unit purchased directly from Rabbit works perfectly, Processor Verification Enabled and all.

Hope this helps someone.


Hello again, In case it helps anyone, my problem was purely code related, i.e. nothing to do with cables, OS, comms etc. I suspect that I was running out of memory (perhaps root mem ?) but I don’t understand the memory model well enough to be sure. I was running code and bios in RAM as I thought this was the fastest and best for debugging. When I swapped to flash it worked as I guess plenty of RAM was freed up for the larger data structure I was adding. Anyway, the message to beginners (like me) is: The compiler may not tell you when you have a memory problem. It just dies after compiling. Try some different memory allocations to see if it is a solution for you. Good luck.

I am running Vista and a usb->serial adaptor and am currently working with a RCM4400W… I fail with this error every second or third time I compile. I found that if I disconnect-reconnect by usb->serial adaptor (reset the port) I can bypass the error… not great but beats cycling Dym C.

On another forum someone pointed to cheap USB adaptors as the problem… mine are that, $6 at MicroCenter, however I use them with other devices and haven’t had any problems.

On prior versions of Dyn C you could lock the application up in a similar fashion when you would do a save->compile to quickly… would be nice if Rabbit would look into this.