Debugging response timeout using hardware serial to program 3700. What are possible PC problems?

“While debugging: timeout while waiting for response from target” is the specific error

I have uploaded this exact code to this board before from a different PC. I am using the correct serial port and have the “prog” part of the cable connected. Processor verification is successfully IDing the board as the 3700. It seems there is an issue w/ this PC vs. the one I used before. Any insight would be much appreciated. Cheers

Good morning, Unfortunately, there could be many different reasons why you are getting this error.
Are you connecting your programming cable directly to a PC/laptop or through a hub?
Have you tried a different programming cable?
Are you using our protoboard or a custom board?
Do you get this error when running our sample programs?
Are you using the latest version of Dynamic C?
What operating system do you have?

Thanks for responding.
I am connecting directly through a PC.
I have not tried a different PC (only have one).
I am using a custom board.
I did get the error when running the sample programs.
I am using Dynamic C 9.62.
Using Windows 7, I got the “target communication error”. using Windows XP I did not.

Assuming that you have created a new project, look inside the .dcp file located in your project directory. There are various serial communication parameters you can set to address this issue.

If you are using Windows 7, check out this KB article