TimeOut Error "Timeout while waiting for response from target."

I am using DC 7.21 SE compiler on Windows 7. I am doing development for JackRabbit BL1810.

I have not been able to figure out why this happens even though I have searched all over the Internet for solution. Almost always I get the error message either when I start DC7.21SE or when I try to compile my code into target board (JackRabbit).

Error: Timeout while waiting for response from target.

I’ve tried all the solutions people have suggested online and I am still not having any luck. Sometimes out of the blues it starts to WORK but only for maybe 2 times. However, this doesn’t happen on Windows XP with same version of DC.

Any suggestions, hints or help will be greatly appreciated.

Dynamic C 7.21 is an older version that has never been tested with Windows 7. I suggest you either upgrade to 9.62 or use Windows XP

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I have dc 7.21SE, dc 9.52 and dc 9.62. My JackRabbit BL1810 only seem to work well with code compiled in dc 7.21SE. I did try to compile my code with dc 9.62 and it compiles every time to the target board, but the compiled code doesn’t work right at all when Jackrabbit is run.Yep…

Originally, I did all of my development on Windows XP…So, I didn’t notice anything. Ever since I moved to Windows 7, I am running into this issue. So, I had XP machine solely dedicated to developing Jackrabbit code but it crashed recently. Now, I only have Windows 7 and looking for ways to fix this issue.

I would try running some of the standard samples on your Rabbit. Look in the folder JACKRAB.

Also are you using a USB to serial converter or a serial programming cable?

I am not using USB to serial converter but serial programming cable. So, I do connect to the board directly from serial port on the computer. I will have to give those samples a try.

Have you considered using the Windows XP mode in Windows 7 to run the older compiler in a virtual machine?

This might have to do with dual processors.

Please see TN257 and the file below it at this link


for a utility to use when running DC6 or DC7 on a computer with dual processors.

I am using a XEON 8 core machine with 12g RAM.
I constantly had communication problems with the target on both version 8.51 and
9.62 of DC. This resolved all of my DC Serial problems on both the hardware RS232
ports and the USB RS232 ports.
I ultimately settled on making a shortcut that launched Dynamic C using cmd.exe:

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start “Dcrab_851” /affinity 1 “C:\Program Files\DCIDE851\DCRABBIT\Dcrab_851.exe”

I had the same time out error with DC10.72B on Win 10 with 16GB and an iCore5 processor, and followed your cmd line approach and I found that:

  1. Was provided with a new project.
  2. Problems went away temporarily without code modification.

my cmd line:

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start “Dcwd.exe” /affinity 1 “C:\DCRABBIT_10.72B\Dcwd.exe”