ATMY (or ATAM) equivalent for XBEE 900 HP


I was using the XSTREAM RF modem in previous projects.
Now, for a new project, I’m using the XBEE 900 HP in transparent mode.

I would like to know what is the equivalent of the ATMY (or ATAM) command on the XBEE 900 HP.

How can I set the source address of the module ? (For example, I was used to assign the ATMY of the base station to 0)

I was thinking to use ATSH/ATSL but these parameters are read only on the XBEE 900 HP.

Any suggestion ?

You are using the wrong firmware for the Xstream replacement. Try loading the XBP9B-XC firmware on your modules. You will then see all of the commands you are looking for. You will also notice that the module will then be able to talk with your existing X09-009 and X09-019 radios in the field.