XBee Pro 900HP firmware for Singapore?

I have several XBEE PRO 900HP modules (XBP9B-DMST-002). This is the US version with all of the frequencies enabled. (ATAF = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and ATMF=0x19)

I want to configure them for use in Singapore, but the ATCM is not supported in XCTU (and does’nt work sending AT commands directly either). Even if I could, I think it would violate the ATMF minimum frequencies value (there are only 15 for singapore)

I also don’t see any available firmware to turn this into an XBP9B-DMST-042 variation.

Am I missing something? Do I have to purchase new hardware?

For use in Singapore, yes you would need to purchase the correct version of the 900 HP modules. The reason for that is that the available channel mask and total number of required frequencies is set at the factory and not in firmware.