Audio codec support


I’m attempting to port a WM8753 audio driver for ConnectCore Wi-MX51 JumpStart Kit platform for a customer of Digi. We are using official QNX Freescale i.MX51 EVK BSP ( It has support for I2C/I2S/SDMA devices except Wolfson audio codec.

On the i.MX51 EVK another audio codec (SGTL5000) is installed and it works fine with the same BSP. On the Wi-MX51 we have found that TX FIFO of the SSI interface (base 0x70014000) has been filled (SFCSR[TFCNT]), but it doesn’t transmit data to the codec.

The linux BSP (kernel 2.6.31) configures only AUD3_BB_* iomux pins. What have we missed?


Hi Andrey,

I am trying to QNX Freescale i.MX51 EVK BSP on the ConnectCore Wi-MX51 JumpStart Kit platform. But the system fails to boot.

Can you please let me know the changes you made to the BSP.

Abdul Razak

I don’t think the Freescale BSP will run on a ConnectCore, you’ll need to get a copy of DEL. You can find the download here: but you’ll need to purchase a key to install it.