QNX BSP support for ConnectCore 8X SOM

We’d like to use QNX 7.x on the new ConnectCore 8X SOM. Digi only specifically states that it supports Linux and Android for this SOM. But NXP, the maker of the i.MX 8X chip, which is on the ConnectCore 8X SOM, states that it has a QNX BSP for the i.MX 8X. Since a BSP exists for this chip, how hard would it be to get it working on the ConnectCore 8X SOM? Who would do this? Digi? QNX? A third party? Has QNX ever been ported over to any Digi SOM?

QNX has never been ported to cc8x. NXP does have BSP for the chip so theoretically, you can expand it to support off-chip peripherals. I do not expect it to be trivial especially the MCA support.
Digi has a consulting division that can probably be hired to do the port via SPR.