DEY4.0 support for ccimx8x-sbc-pro and/or ccimx6sbc

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Does anybody know if Digi has any plans to provide dey-4.0 support for ConnectCore 6N SBC and/or ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro boards? It seems that only 3.2 is currently supported even though there is 4.0 support for other ccimx6 and ccimx8 devices. -l does not list these platforms, possibly due to the lack of linux kernel support?

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  • Uluc

Current releases:
DEY-4.0_r1 supports cc6ul and ccmp15

DEY-4.0_r2 supports ccmp133, cc8mm and cc8mn

Future releases:

DEY-4.0_r3 supports cc8x and cc93

the cc6/6plus could be in r4 but this is not a commitment

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