Available baudrates transparent mode

Hello to all forum readers and contributors.

After reading and searching through the documentation i decided to submit my question here.

I have two XBP 802.15.4 with the last firmware version and using XCTU (last build) and want to us them as a serial RF cable replacement (transparent mode )

I want to use this setup to harvest serial datas that are coming out of a french electicity meter.

the problem i have is that the serial interface of the meter use a 1200-7-E-1 serial rate and conf and that from what i see in X-CTU this setup seems not supported.

I’ve tried 1200-8-N-1 but doesn’t work

your help and ideas would be precious


You should be ok with 1200-8-N-1 - it’s just that you’ll have to manage the parity bit (the top bit) yourself. When you send to the meter you’ll need to set the top bit to make the overall parity even, and when you receive from the meter you can either check the parity of each byte and do something appropriate if it’s wrong, or just ignore it by ANDing the byte with 0x7f.