AWS dynamic web pages

Hi All,

I am evaluating the Allegro AWS. I would like to know whether is it possible to dynamically change the HTML pages in a device without recompilation of the program image. i.e. i should be able to store HTML pages outside of the program image.

Thanks in advance

It is possible for the web server to deliver HTML from static pages, stored with the flash file system, for example. It is not, however, possible to serve up dynamic pages, i.e. HTML making use of the RomPager tags.


Hi Thanks cameron for ur reply. But i came across many documents that say Allegro SoftPages can be used to parse html pages on the fly. Do you know about where i could find the details about the product. I don’t see any mention about softpages on the allegro official website.

Thanks in advance.

You should probably talk directly to Allegro, as I am not familar with what a ‘softpage’ is.

By virtue of how RomPager (a.k.a. Advanced Web Server) is implemented, respective to NET+OS, it is not possible to serve up HTML that makes use of the RomPager tags, aside from using PBuilder to produce C source and compiling it into the application image.


hey thanks cameron. I have already sent a mail to Allegro for more details but have not yet recieved any response, hope to get one soon.