AWS File Upload

I am attempting to upload a file to a 7520 running AWS under NETOS 5.1. I’ve created an upload dialog and the browser is sending the selected file to the board when told to. However, I’m unsure if the file is being saved at the board when received and if it is, how do I access it? Also, I’ve found the naficgi example and created a similar file system, how do this file system and AWS interact? Since there is no call in the naficgi example to create a new file I can only assume that AWS automatically knows to create a file when one is uploaded. How do I then find this file since I would be unable to see the file creation?

The interface between AWS and the file system is implemented in the file.c module. You find this module under src\rphttpd and all you need to do is to include it and then of course link you BSP to include the file system (#define APP_FILE_SYSTEM).

file.c in rphttpd is just a collection of stub functions. I can (and have) created a file system in file.c similar to that implemented in naficgi, but I still have no idea how to determine where AWS puts the file when it is uploaded. I can iterate through the file descriptors to find the uploaded file (assuming the file was stored in the file system), but this is not a good option. Also, I am unable to locate APP_FILE_SYSTEM anywhere in any of the files.

I’m sorry I did not notice that you were running NET+OS 5.1, my comments are for version 6.x. As far as I remember there’s no file system included in version earlier than 6.0, so you need to implement it yourself. That’s also why you are unable to finde the include. Sorry about the confusion.

Thank you, That’s what I thought.