Web Server and File Upload Help Needed!

I have a web server application with an html page that has a “TYPE=FILE” field that is used to upload a file to my device. I am looking for the code where the method RpHSCreateFile is called when the page is submitted and the ROM is processing the call.
I am looking for some help as I am not the original designer of the application and have inherited the code from someone that is not able to help at this time. I am not very proficient with DigiESP yet and need to get this project completed as soon as possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Look for the file file.c. It is either in the project directory or in src\rphttpd. file.c is the file system interface for the advanced web server.

Thanks for the quick reply. I looked at this file, but the only method I can find is the RpHSCreateFile function, which is called with the filename pointer to the name and location. In my application, this filename comes from a field on a web page that is declared as “TYPE=FILE”. There is also a “formreply.c” file that looks like stores all the fields from the page in a structure. I am trying to find the code where this structure is then used to retrieve the values of the fields on the htm page.
Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks a lot,