AWS GET and POST data

Has anybody been able to at the data sent through an HTTP Request? I’ve tried using these 2 functions I found in the AWS toolkit.pdf:

extern char * RpGetFormBufferPtr(void *theServerDataPtr);

extern void RpGetFormItem(char ** theBufferPtr,
char * theNamePtr,
char * theValuePtr);

Where do I get the parameters: *theServerDataPtr, and **theBufferPtr?

I assumed that I can get theBufferPtr by using the function call RpGetFormBufferPtr but that function returns a point to char and not char**. Does anybody have an example of these or any other method they use to get request data?

I know this question was asked in 2007, but I thought I would answer it just in case someone is interested.

To get *theServerDataPtr you make a call to the following function or use the theTaskDataPtr parameter if within a callback function.

char theName[25];
char theValue[25];

void *theServerData =RpHSGetServerData();
char *theFormBuffer =RpHSGetFormBufferPtr(theServerData);

RpGetFormItem(&theFormBuffer, theName, theValue);