AWS / pbuilder generates wrong stub routine

Hello,we have a problem concerning the advanced web server (AWS). According to the documentation, the pbuilder should generate for a : a stub routine like : char * MyExample(void *theServerDataPtr, char *theNamePtr, Signed16Ptr theIndexValuePtr) but instead, the pbuilder generates a stub routine like this: char * MyExample(void *theTaskDataPtr, char *theNamePtr, Signed16Ptr theIndexValuePtr) Why is the pbuilder generating a stub routine with a wrong parameter (theTaskDataPtr instead of theServerDataPtr)? For the most callback routines, the theServerDataPtr is required as parameter value for few other callback routines, the theTaskDataPtr. Actually, we intended to use the callback routine RpGetFormBuffer() in this stub routine. The RpGetFormBuffer() expects also theServerDataPtr as parameter value. Is there a way, to get the right parameter for this callback function? Or is there a way to derive from a theTaskDataPtr a theServerDataPtr (and vice versa) ? Thanks Alex

At seems, that the parameter theServerDataPtr and the theTaskDataPtr are equivalent. That means, we can use a theTaskDataPtr, where according to the manual, a theServerDataPtr is needed. Is there actually a list of known problems concerning the advanced webserver ? We noticed for example, that the function RpGetFormBufferPtr() was working correctly, if the function was used in stub routine which was derived from RpPageHeader tag, but it wasnÂ’t working if the sub routine was derived from RpDisplayText tag. Because of this bug, we thought, that there is a problem with theServerDataPtr / theTaskDataPtr.