AWS - Checkbox doesnt work

Tried many examples in the AWS Toolkit documentation… that don’t work. Anyone got any advice on getting Checkbox and RadioButton inputs to work in AWS? I am not impressed with the accuracy of the documentation supplied with Net+Works, full of examples that won’t work. Avoid this product!!! Does not do as advertised!!!

Hello gideon, i use NetOS6.0 and built some HTTP pages. Then used the PBuilder to make the *.c *_v.c files. I used HTTP forms containing the combinations ----------------- snipp ------------------ ----------------- snipp ------------------ ------------------ snipp -------------------- and both worked. If you need a working sample just mail me to Rainer

I have found a way around the problems: pBuilder was generating stub routines like extern void setCheckboxFunction(Boolean theValue); extern void setCheckboxFunction(Boolean theValue) { return; } If you remove the second ‘extern’ from the function definition, it works. I still don’t know how to get pbuilder to do its stubs correctly, but this does a workaround.