AWS unchecked checkbox doesn't work

I have the following checkbox inside a web page…

Monitor stampa

and the following code inside _v.c file :

Boolean printMonitor = False;

extern Boolean getPrintMonitor(void);
extern Boolean getPrintMonitor(void) {
return printMonitor;

extern void setPrintMonitor(Boolean theValue);
extern void setPrintMonitor(Boolean theValue) {

printMonitor = theValue;


When I check the checkbox all works fine, because the setPrintMonitor function is executed and after checking the printMonitor variable becomes True. If I uncheck the checkbox, the setPrintMonitor isn’t executed with theValue=false, so the printMonitor variable is still True and not is set to false.
I have read the documentation and that the RomPager executes a reset of all the checkbox (because HTML protocol send only checkbox checked inside a form) and the call set only on the checkbox checked.
How can I solve the problem with unchecked checkbox ?

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I have discovered that the problem there is when the form has Enctype=MULTIPART/FORM-DATA. If I remove it, the set method is called twice : the first time for reset and the second time for set.
What is the problem with Enctype=MULTIPART/FORM-DATA and checkbox ?

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Looks like it was a bug - just downloaded an update which says it fixes this


Could you say which update you have done?

I do have all the latest packages, but I’m experiencing the same problem.




I just ensured that I have all my updates. Further I created a new sample AWS project. I deleteted all web pages, .c, _v.c files. I created a new html file looking just like ppatierno's in the first entry. His does not show a submit button, which you'd need, so I added one.

I ensured that my entype was multipart/form-data.

If I check the box and hit submit, my internal variable is updated so when I do the resultant get, I pick up the checked nature of the checkbox.

I I uncheck the checkbox, my set is called, the internal variable is set to False. The get function picks this up and the checkbox on my web page shows as unchecked.

   So if I am missing something please let me know but I do not see an issue with checkboxes.