AWS, Checkbox not reset to 0 when used in multipart/form-data (case 41637)


It seems the AWS_and_Email_Updates_752 version 1.01 still have the checkbox not reset to 0 when used in multipart/form-data problem. (case 41637).

I do have all the latest packages including AWS_and_Email_Updates_752 version 1.01 and I use a checkbox in a multipart/form-data.
Every time I click upload, the set function of the checkbox is always called.

Is this problem come back with the version 1.01?




I answered the other related forum entry. I just created a quick AWS application under ESP.  I followed ppatierno's code the only change being that I added a submit button. 

When I click on the checkbox and hit submit, it stays checked through the set call and the get call. When I click on the checkbox again to uncheck it, it stays unchecked through the set and the get.

So unless I am missing something it appears to be working correctly.

I ensured that I was up to date with all package manager patches.

Thanks for the answer and for your test.

I’ll investigate why the set function is always called on my unit.

I’ll let know the result.