Bandwidth limit exceeded error

I am accessing iDigi using the REST API and I often get the HttpWebResponse code 509 “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”. I use the HEAD method to poll. Currently I poll 40 files every 5 minutes. When data is present the file amounts to about 4k. The error goes away after a few seconds. I have no delays between polls. Am I polling too quickly? Can this limit be expanded?


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The web services are currently limited to 10 requests per minute, regardless of the HTTP request method used. There are separate throttles for /ws/data and /ws/sci.

It’s possible for these limits to be expanded, and if necessary we could look into that. However, if you describe your use case, we might be able to figure out a way to reduce the number of web service calls necessary to accomplish your goal.


One should also remember that iDigi is intended to be a paid service, but developers have “free” access subject to things like bandwidth limitations.

Given cpoop’s answer, perhaps you need to request 10 files per minute for 4 minutes to space out the requests.

I was asking for future reference as I am polling 2 gateways now for testing but we plan to have a lot more at some point when we go live. We will poll less often then. We got pricing for the use of the iDigi but there was no mention of limitations.

Hi Mark,

We can adjust this to whatever you need for your application when you go live. We recently changed the default for the developer sandbox from 10 to 60 requests per minute. The production server will allow 200 per min by default.


Thanks Brad.