Baud rate error with Xbee PRO

I’m having trouble getting Xbee PRO to work reliably at 115200. The issue seems to be the baud rate error in the Xbee pro.

My scope shows that the actual baud rate from Xbee pro UART is closer to 113000, which results in error when the inter-character delay is short.

Is this expected and is there any way to correct the Xbee pro baud rate or is it as a result of baud rate scaling errors?

Are there faster baud rates that work better with more accurate pre-scaling in the Xbee module?

From the sounds of it you are referring to the 802.15.4 XBee modules. In which case this is due to a divisor and clock rate issue that you are seeing. As you go higher in rates, the farther out it will become. The only solution for this is one of three:

1 set your baud rate on your device to 112kbps to match the radio.
2 Interface with 2 stop bits instead of 1
3 Lower the baud rate to 57,600bps or lower.