baud rate problem

Hi to All,

Accidently I set the baud rate at 115200 and now I can’t connect to the xbee. How can I know the new baud rate, to be able to restore the original 9600??

I have an Xbee-PRO XSC module, I downloaded the X-CTU program to be able to choose differents baud rates, but still I don’t know which is the baud rates of the Xbee. I tried the hardware reset (by applying low level in the reset pin), but it doesn’t work. How can I know what is the baud rate of the Xbee?

I answer to myself (strange thing in a FORUM), I solve it!!!

The Xbee was stuck in 7100 baud , I scanned the baud rate using X-CTU program. Then the X-CTU restored it to default values.

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