Changing receiver Baud Rate

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:23 am Post subject: Changing BAUD rate of receiver

I have got 2 XBee XB24-DKS modules and I am trying to interface them with an on going project which I was using Bluetooth with. The problem is that the system uses 9600 and the XBee module is running at 19200 and is not compatable.

It is impossible to change the system so I need to change the BAUD rate of the receiver instead. Is this possible? And if so how can it be achieved?

Thank you

By default the Xbees are set at 9600 bps out of the box. If you want to change the baud rate and have a development board then you can use Digi’s program called Xctu to change the configuration. If you do not then you must interface the Xbee with a RS232 chip or with a microcontroller. Send +++ to the xbee and wait for it to respond with OK, then send ATBD3 followed by a carriage return. The module will respond with OK, then send ATWR followed by a carriage return to save the setting.The module will responde with OK and then send ATCN to exit command mode. I suggest to get a dev board if you do not have one. They are about $60 and will help you trouble shoot if you encounter problems.

When I set up one of the modules connected through its USB connection with the X-CTU software running and the other module connected to a different computer using a serial cable and hyper terminal I need to set the one with the serial cable baud rate to 19200 before it will receive anything from the other module which i have set to 9600. I need to change the 19200 to 9600 before I can use it with the other project I want it for

Sorry for the misunderstanding. To make it easier, conncet the one with the serial cable to the computer with Xctu. Within Xctu goto the modem configuration tab and press the read button. Look for a parameter within the serial interfacing section called “Interface Data Rate”. Set this parameter to 4-19200 and then hit the write button. This will change the baud rate and save the setting for you.

I just tried that but I didt do the read part of it so after doing that it works great. Thank you for your help, much appriciated