Docs for USB board


This is my first experience with Digi products and just got the “Drop-in Networking Professional Development Kit.”

The USB interface card, which comes with this kit, is set for 9600 baud. I want to change the baud rate to 19.2 but can not find docs for this board. The back of the board reads Maxstream XBIB-U-Dev Rev 3.

Does anyone know how I can find documentation on this USB board?


i am also looking for the same. anyone?


The XBIB-U-Dev board that you are having requires Legacy PKG-U USB drivers to interface with PC. The baudrate is not set on XBIB-U-Dev board, but it is set on the XBee module by default as 9600. The baud rate can be changed using X-CTU software, which can be easily downloaded from In the X-CTU software you need to set the PC COM port baudrate as 9600 and no flowcontrol. Then click Test/Query button. This will display modem type and firmware version. Then go to Modem Cofiguration tab and click read. This will show all the settings of the Xbee module. Now you can set the baudrate by selection option in the details and then click write option. Then change the COM port baudrate to the baudrate that you had set on the XBee module.

I’ve got the same board. Does anyone know where I can located Windows 7 x64 USB drivers for it?

Found 'em…

Hello, first, if you have more than one COM port on your PC, make sure the correct COM port for your X-CTU is selected(highlighted) in the “Select Com Port” window.

Then, I would set the parameters for what you believe the radio is currently flashed to (9600, AT or API, etc.). Then press the “TEST/QUERY” button. Once you see a response from X-CTU identifying the proper radio, then you can proceed to changing the baud rate.

To do this, go to the “Modem Configuration” tab and click on “Read”. You should see the drop down box for the radio’s baud rate parameter. Change it there and “Write” the changes to the radio.