I need driver for USB for xbee adapter XB24


Inside X-CTU, I can’t assign a COM port to xbee modem p/n XBIB-U-DEV REV3.

WINXP device manager, require an USB driver for it.

Lots of thanks,

I found it myself:

–download at http://ftp1.digi.com/support/images/PKG-U_windows_drivers.zip
–in device manager, maxstream has an ‘unidentified driver’ sign
–right-click and ‘update driver’ from downloaded location
–‘update driver’ again
–in device manager click on ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’, and maxstream should be there now on COM5
–in X-CTU, ‘host setup’ tab, add COM5
–select it in ‘PC settings’ tab, and click on button ‘Test/Query’


Hi, did you get things working? I can’t tell for sure. Just as a FYI I don’t “think” that product will be supported on the USB side of Digi International support but I’m going to check. I’ll come back in here and post a comment when I find out for sure.


If you are familiar with XBee, you might have experience of the module does not a response to your X-CTU or Terminal program or microcontroller. Yup, for an unknown reason, XBee module might be DEAD. But you can revive it by doing recovery.