Baudrate on RCM3700

Hello, I have RCM3700 with 11059200 crystal frequency and I need to set the baurate on serial ports to 500000 Baud. I’m able to set the baudrate only up to 115200. Can anybody help me? Thaks.

I just had a quick look at the routines in RS232.LIB that set the Baud rate divisor, though I haven’t tried setting the Baud rate you want.

Theres a possibly questionable calculation in which I personally would have preferred to see the evaluation order specified by parenthesis.

Theres a #define RS232_BASEFREQ 614400.0 that also looks to me like 500000 might be tricky with the standard code.

There’s an “is the result within 5%?” check at the return that might fail.

If you haven’t already tried it, I’d be tempted to change the ser[ABCD]open
routine’s “nodebug” to “debug” and step through what this routine actually does.