RCM6710 - Serial F at 110bps

I’m trying to comunicate at 110bps baud rate in serial port F using a RCM6710and and DC 10.72.
Is it possible to use this serial at 110 bps ?
What has to be done to work ?

From what I am finding in the product manual, the lowest baud rate supported is 2400bps. (http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90001108_H.pdf) Page 41

But I would suggest reading over pages 161-162 as it tells you what timers to use for what ports.

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I’ll back what mvut says – 110 might be too slow for the Rabbit’s RS232 drivers. You might need to write your own driver with a timer interrupt to send and receive data one bit at a time.

You could look at the value of “actual_bps” inside of serFopen() to see what baud rate it’s using when you try to open it at 110bps.