Serial Port F Initialization Problem


On my RCM4010 I want to init serial port F on PE2 (Tx) and PE3 (Rx).
However, the initialization library the IO Config utility created doesn’t work.
The Rabbit stops responding when it reaches the highlighted line of code.

void ClockCheck()
   if (freq_divider != 96) // 29.49 MHz, doubled

void SetupSerial()
   WrPortI(SFCR,&SFCRShadow, 0x21);

void InitPortF()
   // The following differ from BIOS settings
   WrPortI(PEALR,&PEALRShadow,0x30);     // Serial Port F
   WrPortI(PEDDR,&PEDDRShadow,0x04);     // Serial Port F
   WrPortI(PEFR,&PEFRShadow,0x04);     // Serial Port F
   WrPortI(SFCR,&SFCRShadow,0x21);     // Serial Port F

Does anyone have an idea why this happens or how to work around it?

Your Configuration settings are wrong