RCM5700 Serial Port F

Ok…Any one implemented Serial Port F with the 5000 chip yet…

I get data OUT the port just fine…PD2 Alternate output
but the input pin PD3 Alternate input does not seem to see the
incoming data…

My scope shows data right at the Pin and of course…nothing
is being captured in the serial buffer for port F…

This is my config as it currently works…

I’m guessing I’m missing some config parameter for the RxF pin PD3
but I’m out of ideas…I’ve memorized the RCM5000 manual and have
found nothing that reveals my error…

Any Ideas are appreciated…

// configure port F
WrPortI(SFCR,&SFCRShadow,0x11); //set port D for data…use Int Priority 1
WrPortI(PDDCR, &PDDCRShadow, 0x00); // set PD0…7 drive Hi and Low
WrPortI(PDDDR, &PDDDRShadow, 0x04); // set pin PD2 as output for TxF
WrPortI(PDFR,&PDFRShadow,0x04); // set PD2 as TxF alt output
WrPortI(PDALR,&PDALRShadow,0x30); // set PD2 as TxF alt output

// Open Serial Port F

one last note…
As a consideration to all fellow designers…
I will be writing all my TITLES as RCM5700 (problem)…
to help all the RCM5700 users and easy search criteria
and hope every one else can do the same.
This board has alot of potential:D

Rcvd a note from David at Rabbit…

You will need to add this line


to your program if you intend to use
serial port F

I suspect this will hold true ALSO for
serial port E

After adding this line…my PD3 RxF pin
started working properly and receiving data…