how to set before using the serial F?

hello,i am using the RCM6760 and RCM 6700 now,want to know how to set before using the serial F?my source code below:
#define FINBUFSIZE 31
#define FOUTBUFSIZE 31
#define BAUDRATE 9600
void main(void)
BitWrPortI(PDFR, &PDFRShadow, 1, 2);
BitWrPortI(PDFR, &PDFRShadow, 1, 3);
it cann’t work,why?thank you!

I assume you are attempting to use PD2 and PD3 with the BitWrPortI() statements instead of the default PC2 and PC3.

There are macros that you should be using instead(see RS232.lib):

#define SERF_TXPORT PDDR // Defaults to PCDR
$define SERF_RXPORT PDDR // Defaults to PCDR

thank you for your can work now!