BCLK and system clock

Hello all, A system is design using the following devices: 1)NET+50 2)PCI9054 3)CPLD 4)SDRAM The NET50 provides internal SDRAM controller. My concern is regarding the system clock. As we know, the NET50 generates BCLK signal, which clocks the SDRAM and local bus arbitration signals. So is it feasible to link BCLK directly to the PCI9054 and CPLD too? Or is this the only way to clock the PCI9054 and CPLD? Many thanks. Minlin minlinf@amcuk.com

The only way to do that would be to put clock buffer on the BCLK that would put a propagation delay in the pico seconds only and then hook that the PCI and/or CPLD. Other wise hooking that directly could have side effects.

And here is the spec for such clock buffer…