Beginner Needs 5700 Direction

My 5700 just arrived and though I have programmed PICs before I’m not sure quite where to start! I want to input a (approx 40 character) RS232 string from a weather sensor controller (Peete Ultimeter 2100) on a serial port input and transmit this to a server on the web. I could append append the string to the servers URL (So the server sees it as a

There’s actually quite a bit of documentation, and it’s all downloadable. You want the following:

[li]Rabbit 5000 Microprocessor User’s Manual
[/li][li]RCM5700 User’s Manual
[/li][li]Dynamic C User’s Manual
[/li][li]Dynamic C Function Reference Manual

And maybe some others, all of which can be found here:

Thsnks Sgt for directing me to the documentation. To try to get a head start what forum do you think I should latch onto to specifically talk about retransmitting about 40 characters from the serial input to a web server?