Beginner needs code help

New to the wonderful world of Rabbit SBC so any help is very much appreciated.

Got an application that needs to read data from a serial port and then compare it to a list of matching data. Digital I/O is controlled based on the results of the match…

Data list can be over 5000 records, and needs to be downloaded into ram (over radio link).

Does anyone have any sample code I could examine?

Specifically I haven’t seen a way to read a data ‘file’ from memory (it could just be a text “.list”).

A routine that also allowed me to write to memory remotely (ie send the file to the SBC) would also be helpful (I presume the rabbit needs to take control of the handshakes, error checking, etc, etc)

Trial hardware is an OP7200 (but long term something with less power would probably be used).

Any and all help very much appreciated

Thanks in advance

You don’t say how big your data “packets” are, but seems like you might need something like the RCM4300 for the larger flash memory. If you DO need the larger memory, you will need to purchase the FAT system from Rabbit if you don’t already have it.

That said, I believe there are a fair number of sample code examples for serial and packet specific schemes in the Samples directory. You also don’t say what your radio requirements are. If short range, Zigbee could work. For longer range, you might need something from Black Box or others. There are both full duplex and simplex solutions, depending upon how much money you have to spend. I have done some radio link applications, but am not at liberty to share the code. In any case, not sure just how much the code would help. You have several different subsystem requirements here. Good luck. :slight_smile: