Beginners question - what do I need?

apologies if this is not the correct place for the thread. I’m looking for a low cost unit where i can turn on and off a power unit over the network via ethernet , wifi or direct cable.

Also, Separately if I have a heat unit with a auto and an on switch\knob, I would love to replace this with a switch\knob I can control over the network\wifi\direct cable.

Appreciate any comments, thank you in advance,

Well, you could use an XBee, but it is not as easy as that. For example, people (like your fire-insurance provider) won’t be happy if your experients starts the hosue on fire :slight_smile:

Explore the Digi ‘adpaters’ and gateway on the web site.

Also, for local control, at least in the US one can now buy cheap ‘wireless lamp’ modules which allow a battery-push button to toggle a relay which turns a lamp on/off.