[Newbie Question] Create a small XBee lab at home


I am learning smart device technologies and want to build a small lab at home. For now, I want have a tiny ZigBee network and try:

  1. A ZigBee controller can manage a few ZigBee devices (include a smart ZigBee light bulb from Amazon )
  2. An ESP32 can connect a ZigBee end model so can send command to know the status of the bulb and turn on/off it.
  3. An programmable ZigBee end can turn on/off a LED.
  4. An ZigBeen mesh can connect all ZigBee devices in different rooms on different floors.
  5. An ESP32 which connect to ZigBee and acting as a “smart device”. this “smart device” can be managed by Google Home Assistant and/or other smart home management software.


  1. What XBee modules I should purchase? (please provide link if available)
  2. To connect to my computer so i can initial/program XBee modules, what XBee USB adaptor or developer board I should purchase? (please provide link if available)


I would suggest the XBee 3 Zigbee development kit XK3-Z8S-WZM

Just ordered. Thanks!