Solution advices required

Hello everyone,

I have studied the applications provided by Zigbee for some months but I have no experience on Zigbee hardware. I would like to create a zigbee mesh networks with the following topology:

  • At the remote site, I have modules Xbee/Xbee Pro ZB which are controlled by micro-controller to send and receive data. They are End-devices.
  • At the center site, I have a computer connected to internet.
  • Then, for sending and receving data to and from the modules at the remote site, I use a Zigbee <-> TCP/IP Getway like ConnectPort X. The Getway works like a cordinator.
  • For relaying the strength of RF signal, I also use some routers.

My questions:

  1. Can I create a Mesh network like that?

  2. Can I write an application on PC to control the Getway with the protocol ZB Mesh or this protocol is already supported by the HW?

  3. Do I have to write application on my micro-controller to configure the module XBee/XBee Pro ZB to function with Mesh network or this protocol is already supported in these modules?

  4. In most applications flyers of Digi, I find that there is no End-devices (here is a micro-controller + module Xbee) to connect directly to a getway by ZB mesh protocol, but via an Xbee-Xtender or an Xbee RS485 adapter, is it possible to interface an end-device with a getway directly using Zigbee mesh protocol?

Thanks for your helps!