Mesh network on a Xbee pro s2b


I have bought some Xbee s2b modules that uses the ZigBee protocol. After some though i figured that the protocol does not fit my use. I cannot have a network where one coordinator is needed, as all nodes can leave and join at random. Is there any way to configure ZigBee for this?

I had a look at the Digimesh protocol which sounds perfect however it seems i cannot update the firmware to Digimesh.

Any tips for doing this?

Thank you!

The first question I have is if you really need mesh. That is, do you need routers to extend the range of the network? If you do not, then the 802.15.4 protocol would be better suited for your application.

If you need routers to extend the range, then Digi Mesh would be a better solution.

Each XBee is based off of a Different Chip set/processor. For that reason, you can’t convert a Zigbee Enabled product such as the XBee ZB module you have to an 802.15.4 or Digi Mesh product. You must purchase the correct module instead.