xbee pro s2b Mesh network help

hey freaks, hello…
from past few days, i’m dealing with xbee pro s2b in api mode. I’d developed code with avr to communicate more than two zigbee in api mode, having one zigbee is in coordinator form, and another three in router formation, along with this i’d also involve few features like RSSI and node discovery. All these stuffs working good. (as i’m able to send and receive frame from coordinator to router and vice versa ) form these i’m able to create star network having one coordinator and all router.
my problem is, how to create mesh network and and sending frame from node to node(multiple hopping) to increase my network range and i also need to divert data at another path if any fault occurs at one node.

flow of hopping that i need to develop is…
can any one help me, or direct me at any tutorial where I find solution of this query!

Mahendra sondagar
D&K Technologies


That is just a mater of placement of your routers. The best way is to take two modules and go walking. Once you start looking connection, move a few feet back till it is solid. Then drop one of the routers there and then continue walking away with the other. They will automatically determine that the data need to be routed via the one router as you get out of range of the coordinator.

Hi Mahendra! Did you make the mesh network? Please help me! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi i also have to develop mesh network and i am looking for sample code for this to know where to start previously i work on Texas instruments mesh network application and they provide the sample code for it