i'm a new member, please help me

Hello friends.
I’m building a mesh network of sensors for my college thesis and I expect help because I am a new person
I will build a network with 5 routers and 1 coordinate, how pengalamatannya and how to form the network becomes a mesh topology?

i hope your help thank you


I am going to tell you this to help you out in life. Never, Never, Never expect there to be help. The Sooner you understand that, the better off in life you will be as there will be times where you will simply be feed to the Sharks. That is, you will have to complete something entirely on your own with little to know information or assistance. It is far better to assume that you will have no help and be grateful if you receive any. The sooner you understand this concept and embrace it, the better off in life you will be.

Now on to the question, Are you looking for help in determining what product you want to use or did you already purchase a product? I am asking this as you did not clearly what kind of assistance you required. Please note that some XBee modules are Peer to peer, point to point, point to multi-point and others are Mesh and will form a mesh on their own. And still yet, some folks claim they need a mesh network when in fact what they wanted was either a Peer to peer or Point to multi-point as they were not using the routing capabilities.

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I already have the product and I want to use it as a router 5 and 1 coordinate, but I do not know how to address that 5 router can send 1 coordinates with the mode API thanks

What product do you have and what firmware versions are you working with?