Mesh network: XBee 1 Pro Digimesh or XBee 2 Pro

I wish to try to setup a mesh network.
Which is the best hardware choice among XBee 1 Pro Digimesh and XBee 2 Pro?
Hope this is the correct forum where to post such a question…


No :slight_smile: This is the worst place since this is S1/802.15.4 which is neither DigiMesh nor S2/ZigBee.

Your choice depends on what you value. Are your nodes sleeping? Do you need ‘broadcast’ or can you unicast message by remote address?

DigiMesh allows use of broadcast; ZigBee does not.

DigiMesh allows sleeping router; ZigBee sleepers are not part of the ‘mesh’.

DigiMesh takes more battery power since all nodes need more accurate clocks when sleeping, plus all nodes need to remain awake longer to help the mesh ‘route’. A sleeping ZigBee node has NO duties to help the mesh, so can wake with a cheap, low-power, poor-accuracy clock and just hands data to a fully-powered parent/router node.