XBee S1 meshed network - firmware and setup

Hi All,

I am using XBee S1 modules (‘normal’ and -pro modules) for my home-automation. All modules are running in API mode using the std. 802.15.4 firmware. Currently I use a star-topology sending commands from one XBee connected to a RasPi to the other XBees which are working as sensors/actors (in fact, the XBees are not acting as sensors or actors directly, but are connected to an Atmel uC which gives me some more flexibility).

Ok, since my ‘network’ did grow I am getting problems to reach modules located further away out in the garden.

So I would like to establish a meshed network. My understanding is, that all modules in such a network act as relays/repeaters and therefore would expand the distance I can overcome.

What is not clear to me is:

  1. Are XBee S1 modules able to operate in a meshed configuration at all?
  2. If yes, can S1 modules only use the proprietary DigiMesh
    or the ZiBee Mesh as well?
  3. Do I need to load a different firmware to my XBees? Would they be different for DigiMesh or ZigBee Mesh?
  4. What Do I need to configure in the XBee’s settings to configure them as Coordinator, Router and End Device (I only found how to configure the device as Coordinator or End Device but not as a Router - at least not using the std. 802.15.4 firmware)

Any further information about what to do to setup a meshed network is appreciated.

Thank you already now for your kind help,

Patrick (alias MacUrb)

The hardware you are working with can only be configured as either the 802.15.4 firmware or with the proprietary Digi Mesh 2.4 code via a firmware change. They do not support a Zigbee mesh option.

The Digi Mesh code does not really support different rolls. They are a true peer to peer product where the nodes only need to be in range for them to communicate. That is to say, they can form a mesh network in their default states by simply deploying them. To send data to a given node within the network, simply set the DL and DH address to the matching SL and SH of that node.