Setting up simple Digimesh network.

I have been playing around with some Xbee S1/Xbee Pro S1 modules, doing range tests in both AP and API mode using 802.15.4 firmware.
I would now like to make a mesh network now using Digimesh firmware with my S1 modules. What is the easiest way to setup up a mesh network using X-CTU? How would I setup the module variables e.g. DH, DL, NO options, would this be done best in AP or API mode?
I know to have the Channel and PanId the same through out the network etc.

What I would really like to achieve is a condition where two modules are too far away to communicate and then a 3rd module is placed in between to create a mesh network.

Thanks in advance.

Prototyping modules for my work, I believe Digimesh will be better then ZB for our situation.

I would suggest you to search and download Robert Faludi’s Book on Building Wireless Sensor Networks which gives the overview and in depth report on above. Also experiments to try out if you are a newbie to this.


I guess, for the most basic setup, configuring Channel and PanId is enough. Let it be in API disable mode and all rest parameters set to defaults. DigiMesh is a self healing network and all nodes will join and form mesh without user’s intervention.

If you are interested in communicating with a particular node then write its SH and SL in DH and DL of TX node, otherwise DH=0 and DL-FFFF (broadcast) is fine.