Digimesh Configuration

I am using Digimesh 2.4 firmware 8062 , trying to create a network that support multihop and multipoint.

All the xbee module will be connected to a laptop, i need help configuring the module ,so each module can send and read data.I am using the xctu software to send and read the data.

DigiMesh requires you to have matching ID, CH and SM.

ID is the PAN ID (or vendor ID). Default is 0x7FFF

CH is the channel - unlike Zigbee, DM 2.4 does NOT scan channels. You must force all nodes to the same channel. Default is 12 (0x0C)

SM is the sleep-mode. The value here don’t have to match, but the must be compatible. So all should be 0x00, or all shouldbe 0x07 or 0x08. A node with SM=0x00 won’t connect with those set to 0x07/0x08 (at least not fast).

Thanks for the help
For multipoint network, which mode is suitable ? transparent mode or API mode ?
And what is the configuration for API mode ?

All modes would work, but you’ll find ‘transparent’ mode a pain in the butt since you’ll need to constantly use ‘+++’ to break into command mode and force in the appropriate DH/DL. Using APi mode (the AP setting) will allow each message to include the destination.

Now, if you are doing a 1-to-many design - for example a ‘controller’ and X sensor/actuators, then only the ‘controller’ would need to use API mode since each sensor/actuator can have the fixed DH/DL set to match the ‘controller’ SH/SL. So the ‘controller’ needs to talk one-by-one to remotes, but they all just respond (or send data) to the ‘controller’. If the ‘controller’ fails and is replaced, the new controller would need to know how to update the DH/DL in all nodes. This could be done via broadcast, but if any sensor/actuators are offline they’d miss the update and keep replying to the wrong/missing node.

If you need a peer-to-peer, then everyone shoudl use API mode.