DigiMesh configuration

What do I need to configure to make the digimesh work? I want to send data from point A to point B with nodes in between.

I’ve read that I need to configure the DH and DL of the point A to match the SH and SL of point B but what about the other nodes?

hi sjose,

Like you say, you will need DH/DL to match SH/SL of the other end and vice versa. You will also need the pan IDs to match. Another thing to check is the channel (CH). Encryption options will have to be the same too (EE, KY, etc.). The same is true with sleep mode (SM).

It’s probably easiest to start without encryption (EE=0) and sleep mode disabled (SM=0). make sure you have a connection between them and then turn on encryption or sleep.


More to the point, any ‘routing’ between A and B is like magic :slight_smile: You do not need to manually update the mesh or routes as they change.

Your node A just needs to be told (via DH/DL) what B’s address is, the DigiMesh node work togather to share info and create a viable path. This is the ‘route discovery’ phase which makes traffic stop for a secodn or two once in a while.

You should be able to exchange data.

Trying to send encrypted data is going to be more complicated so I would attempt at first to just try it out, then if your successful encrypt it